slide1Here are the slides from Mike’s presentation on the 21 Day Fix-n-Flip:



For those of you that attended the meeting March 18th, you saw a presentation from Todd.

Below is Todd’s program:


The Coaching program is Offered for $7,500.00.

The 2 day seminar has been discounted for our students, for JUST $990.00!

Shu’s First Deal Closed video recap:

Our Seminar Slide Presentation overview of the course and coaching


Seminar includes:

Binder with all of the documents, agreements, Line Item Budgets we use, Billing documents, Policies and procedures, what to say to qualify a contractor for any category line item, how to inspect different line items (what to look for to be like a pro) checklist, buy sell agreements, inspector checklists, sample plans for site, kitchen, floorplan, 3D, Eleveations, foundation and roof plan.

The vendors we use locally and the types of finishes for different target markets.


The Seminar Training will follow Shu’s 90 day Challenge every step of the way with Video and actual paperwork, calls, billing, trials, questions, answers, the whole enchilada captured and provided in a story line chronology to provide the 90 day experience for the Seminar attendees! You will laugh, you will cry with joy to see this young lady with a language barrier succeed in making over $60k in 61 days, very part time, with no experience!


  1. Finding the deal
  2. confirming the deal, valuation and estimation
  3. funding the deal
  4. confirming budget and allocation of funds to prioritized renovations.
  5. managing the day to day operations through renovation, hiring/ firing, scheduling vendors, inspectors, billing and using micro adjustments through the process to keep costs LOW.
  6. Selling the property, negotiating sales contract before finished with renovations to cash out FAST.
  7. Cashing out and moving into the next property immediately  maintaining the momentum by purchasing higher end with profits and leverage to make $500k equity….!

Coaching includes:


The seminar, plus……

  1. We take our students from confirming the deal through valuation and estimation while we show you exactly where the deal is valued at after repair/renovation. What the renovations will cost and the what needs to be done for highest best profitability for that specific project.
  2. Plans, designs, Contractor agreements, finishes and plenty of funding lined up to close the deal and finish renovations.
  3. Closing the deal with schedule in place so as not to waste any time.
  4. Managing the renovations on all 10 levels at the same time.
  5. Pre selling the deal so there is limited risk. We provided Shu a presale before A-side closing to assure her an exit before committing to the DEAL. We will provide this service to all our Coaching Students.
  6. Closing and providing an opportunity to move your money into the Luxury real estate markets.


 For more information, Contact:
Todd Proffit
450 S. Galena St., #204
Aspen, CO. 81611