Our speaker, Joe Massey, gave a very informative presentation!  Feel free to review and add comments.


Tony gave us a great presentation, as promised here are the slides.


NEED MORE DEALS? Then make sure you are on this webinar.

Scott R. Fahl is the founder and creator of a software product called Privy. It’s linked into local MLS’s and specializes in giving investors an advantage by allowing them to quickly FIND, ANALYZE and TRACK investment deals.  This software is extremely powerful and FREE for all Investors in the Denver Metro market, but memberships are limited. 

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The technology is amazing!!  Can’t wait to dig into it.  – JM

I found 2 deals in the first 5 minutes.  Thanks Scott!!  – BJ

It was great to see your webinar, and I’ve enjoyed digging around the Privy site and watching training videos. This is pretty exciting stuff!  – B

I can’t believe this software is free.  Please don’t tell everyone:) – HN

Scott will be giving you an insider’s look into how and why technology is changing the way investment real estate is done and how you can use it to your advantage, today!


Some of the topics that will be covered include…

  • How to get an endless supply of investment deals sent directly to your inbox every day. WITHOUT: flyers, bandit signs, door knocking or any networking.
  • How technology can instantly provide Investors with an advanced skill set to not only find investment deals in any market but analyze them in minutes.
  • Best practices to gain immediate, intimate, market knowledge and becoming a Market Expert overnight!
  • Why expanding your niche area is key to survival and several easy ways you can do it right now.
  • How to increase your investment business —- at any level — and save HUGE amounts of time.
  • Compete with the big dogs.  It’s easier than you think.
  • Straight forward ways to minimize risk.
  • This technology is only available in 5 different markets and Denver Metro is one of them!  Meaning there are deals — lots of them — that you are not aware of RIGHT NOW!!


Scott’s background as a Realtor who worked exclusively with investors gave him unique insight into the problems investors and Realtors that practice investment real estate face every day.  Finding no existing solutions for the problems he and his clients faced, in his own words, he “jumped down the Rabbit hole and came out 5 years later with the solution”

In last weeks meeting, Mike presented several ways to locate off market deals in the real estate world. Some of these are very creative.
Take some time to review the slides, and feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section!

April 15th’s DAREI meeting was a great success. We had over 40 members on hand to learn about Wholesaling houses.
As promised, below are the slides from Mike’s Presentation:

Join us next month on May 20th. the topic is:

Learn REI business formation and buying/selling Real Estate in LLCs and Trusts

Slide1Presented by: Jerry Minney

Performance Property Management


slide2Here are the slides from Mikes’ “Investing Out Of State” presentation:


slide1Here are the slides from Mike’s presentation on the 21 Day Fix-n-Flip: